FDA Alert on Toothpaste Made In China!

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First it is casually revealed that China completely disregards our children’s health, by allowing lead in children’s jewelry and lunch boxes. Then we find our pet foods have been tainted with plastic. Now it is found that the melamine has been fed to farm animals which are going into our food markets. The latest from China is that they are now importing poison to us in our toothpaste! ( See FDA article below)

Remember Bill Clinton\’s bestowing upon China favored nation status and welcoming in their imported products ????

China is the proof that capitalism without morality can be deadly. Now American citizens find it is impossible to escape products that are made in China. Whether you make your purchase at an expensive Department store or at the Super Wal-Mart, you cannot avoid the fact that the largest amount of our imports come from China.

When is it enough??? It has been obvious from the history of this country that they have not the same regard for life that the US does. Chinese Corporations care so little for anything but profit that they disregard the health and safety or our Nation. Will we continue to curry favor with this nation that seems to care so little about the quality or safety of their products?

FDA has identified the following brands of toothpaste from China that contain DEG and are included in the import alert: Cooldent Fluoride; Cooldent Spearmint; Cooldent ICE; Dr. Cool, Everfresh Toothpaste; Superdent Toothpaste; Clean Rite Toothpaste; Oralmax Extreme; Oral Bright Fresh Spearmint Flavor; Bright Max Peppermint Flavor; ShiR Fresh Mint Fluoride Paste; DentaPro; DentaKleen; and DentaKleen Junior. Manufacturers of these products are: Goldcredit International Enterprises Limited; Goldcredit  International Trading Company Limited; and Suzhou City Jinmao Daily Chemicals Company Limited. The products typically are sold at low-cost, “bargain” retail outlets.

Based on reports of contaminated toothpaste from China found in several countries, including Panama, FDA increased its scrutiny and began sampling toothpaste and other dental products manufactured in China that were imported into the United States.

FDA inspectors identified and detained one shipment of toothpaste at the U.S. border, containing about 3 percent DEG by weight. In addition, FDA inspectors found and tested toothpaste products from China at a distribution center and a retail store. The highest level found was between 3-4 percent by weight. The product at the retail store was not labeled as containing DEG but was found to contain the substance.”

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2 thoughts on “FDA Alert on Toothpaste Made In China!

  1. Lanafalana

    I have a 92 year old friend that says that if we don’t start making and growing some of our own products again we are in big trouble. He thinks that if any of these other countries wanted to hurt the US, all they would have to do is just shut down their companies and stop sending us products that we no longer make in the US and now if you put poisoning us in the mix, we are doomed.



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