“See-N-Read” Reading Tools


The “See-N-Read, eSee-N-Read & Memory Mark” reading tools from CadenaSmith Enterprises,  are practical little tools that you never knew you needed! This is the kind of product that makes you say “Why didn’t I think of that!?” It is basically a gray overlay that allows you to easily underline (Memory Mark), follow a reading passage (SeeRead) and reduces glare on any page that you are reading or any website that you viewing online (eSee-N-Read).

It can be used for beginning readers, as a reading guide. It is simple but effective in cutting glare which can reduce eye fatigue. This is  a good tool and is inexpensive as well. It also works well to highlight or mark a page as you study. We tried out all of the suggested uses for the above products and found them to be very helpful additions to our educational arsenal!

The “See-N-Read and Memory Mark” tools come in a large (document size) size that is great for reading those glossy magazines and larger textbooks and in a smaller (Book size) that is great for paperbacks and smaller books that you can lay across the page that you are reading.

There is research that shows this type of overlay can help dyslexic and struggling readers too and you can review this interesting documentation here on their website: http://www.see-n-read.com/research.html. You will want to check out the See-N-Read story, which tells about how this idea developed as well!


The eSee-N-Read was created to help cut the glare on PCs and help guide the reader’s eye enabling them to read more quickly. The See-N-Read e-reader was easy to download and it is easy to use too. To change the settings, you just Right Click, to change the size of the clear strip, you simply left click and then drag the box to the size that is convenient for you. When you are done with it, you just click to turn it off! Very simple idea, but great to cut the glare on a screen or just rest your eyes if you have to be on the computer all day. If your student is using the computer screen a lot for schoolwork, this is a good thing to try out and you can get a free demo version on the website as well. If you decide to keep it, it costs $29.99.

The Memory Mark series and the See-N-Read overlays for books, are available on the website as well. The large size costs $3.49 and the smaller size is just $2.99. They also have multi-packs available. You can check them all out here or click on one of the pictures to go to the website:


The company sent us the See-N-Read, Memory Mark, and the eSee-N-Read program in order for us to try them out and blog about their products here. No other compensation was given for our honest opinion about the products we blog about here.

You can see other reviews of the same products from my crewmates at the TOS Crew website:


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