Online Classes Can Alleviate Panic!

…it is true; I have personally gathered extensive anecdotal evidence which shows that Online Classes, like DVD‘s, co-op classes and community college can help alleviate the feeling of panic which is sometimes associated with the idea of Homeschooling for High School!

Some of our students are just not going to shine in all areas of independent study and will need help. There are great resources out there to help us teach our children at home and I would like to encourage you to check them out before assuming that you can’t have High School at home because of a lack of ability in the higher level courses.

Sometimes, the problem is more simple in that we, as the Homeschool parent/teacher, feel a lack in a particular area and are not confident in our ability. Again the solution can be as easy as paying a fee for a class in that area, hiring a tutor or purchasing a DVD class for that particular area of our Homeschool Program.

When I am allocating our Homeschool materials budget, I figure in the cost of more expensive materials for the areas where my students and I need more help. If you have read this blog before, you probably know that is MATH!

Thanks to the internet and other media, we can give our students the pleasure of learning that difficult subject from a “master” of that subject!

HSLDA has been a long time supporter of Homeschooling in so many ways and we have them to thank for a new resource for High School at home. The Homeschool Channel  from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is offering online classes from “The Potter’s School”:

I also share some more links for online classes at my other blog :

It sounds like it is specific to my Home State, but really I share a lot of info that is not related specifically to North Carolina there, so I hope you will search it for “Online Classes” and it should bring up some other resources you can “click” and go visit :)

I know it is the lazy woman’s way, but I have to get off this computer so I do not want to go researching all those links again now, as I already have several other resources blogged about over there! Sometimes laziness is just another word for being more efficient – right?

Thanks for allowing  me rationalize that move – lol! One of these days I am going to consolidate all my blogs!

Have a great weekend readers!


Merit K


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