Just Taking It Easy!

Well we are easing back into our regular routine this week, although anyone who knows us, knows that doesn’t mean a lot of “routine” since our schedule seems to “routinely” change!

Yesterday we had our 4-H Club meeting which was fun even though I am not the best at teaching about electronics! We have a fun field trip to the Lego store planned and our club is planning on purchasing some robotics stuff for the kids to work on too. Last year’s fundraising money will be gone so we are planning a bake sale next month. Our club totally has the best bakers in it!

Last night when I got home from an Advisory Committee Meeting, we played a great family game called “Imagineiff”. This is a good game to play with your kids- you will not fail to find out what they really think of you :)

We had some unanimous votes and some votes that left us discussing why we thought certain ways about someone. This was sometimes sort of “deep” and sometimes very silly and funny! Altogether a good way to get your family communicating and to learn more about each other in a completely non-threatening way! The kids were having fun and so were the grown-ups. I didn’t even have to remind anyone to be nice.

You can get the game at a local department store like I did, or go to Amazon and check it out there:




Game Description:


Ages 12+. 3-8 players. 35 minutes. 10th anniversary edition. The funniest game you can imagine! To Win: It’s simple! Just imagine what the other players are most like. The most popular answers will advance to win. What will your friends and family think of you? Included: 8 pawns, 1 die, ? token, 64 colored numbered voting cards, 212 Imaginiff question cards, 52 pick-a-player cards, dry erase marker, eraser, card box, gameboard & rules. Made in USA.

Directions: Write everyone’s name on the erasable gameboard – use friends or relatives for any empty spaces. Roll to decide who is the subject of the question and read a card aloud. Everyone votes, and the right answer is actually the most popular answer!


Today we will work on our 4-H club Project Record books and then go Roller Skating with our Homeschool group. The kids will skate and I will get to chat with my Homeschool Mom friends :)

Now that my vacation “malaise” is wearing off, I am really excited about getting more organized and about learning some clever cooking tips from some e-books that I finished and am going to review here!

Stay tuned to hear more about The Organized Homeschool by Anne Elliot and about Homemade Convenience Foods by Marcia Washburn

So far 2012 is shaping up. I hope that yours is too!

Blessings~ Merit K

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6 thoughts on “Just Taking It Easy!

    1. Merit K Post author

      Yes, Tresta- I think that is why it is so difficult to keep it all organized. I am so easily motivated to do more fun things instead :) I really got a lot out fo the e-book and it has been keeping me busy!


  1. kd sullivan

    I am just finishing with my third and last home educated high schooler. Wow! What a ride, and now I wonder, what to do? This is such a cool blogspot. I wish I had someplace to go when I was on my journey. Know that you are much needed!


    1. Merit K Post author

      Wow is right- I a learning a lot along with them! It is so great to have encouragement from others like you, who have HS kids who have graduated :) thanks for leaving a note!



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