Have You Been Wondering…

…what is Merit reading now?

I am sure that you were just thinking about this!

Here is what I have been reading:

Stay tuned for those reviews! Truthfully, I have finished reading all of those and I am writing up the reviews. Being without a computer on a regular basis for such a loooong time, is making it hard to catch up on everything!

Homemade Convenience Foods and the Organized Homeschool are great books that are making my home more organized and peaceful. Peril and The Unseen were books that I read for fun. One is written by a Homeschool Mom and one is written by a Homeschooled student. (Hmmm, I am starting to see a pattern here!)

Actually, the Cookbook ( Homemade Convenience Foods) and the Organized Homeschool e-books are also written by Homeschoolers!

Today publishing…tomorrow the rest of the world!

But you don’t have to be a Homeschooler to enjoy these titles- they are all great and I will tell you more about them later. So no, I am not stalling, I am just posting this to build up your anticipation!

In other news, I have been working on some crafts, planning my garden and got invited to Pinterest (woohoo). We have also been studying Alfred Hitchcock movies (fun!). The kids got involved in some sword fighting for P.E. (fencing tournament) and our family recently had a major Pictionary face off . I love our extra curricular activities!

We are currently writing several screenplays for family films and documentaries and the kids recently completed editing on two major (ok- very minor, but cool) motion pictures one in which, I made my film acting debut (I play the MOM)!

So, pretty busy this year so far and thanks in part, to the tips I am getting from all my reading, we have really been able to enjoy our time together!

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2 thoughts on “Have You Been Wondering…

  1. jillyme

    Your extracurricular activities sound like so much fun! We have similar activities around here.

    My kids are always making films, and I am often requested to be in them. I never thought I would like to act, but I play “mom” so often that I am starting to enjoy it. There is the evil mom, the naive mom, or the super-sweet mom. I can do them all.


    1. Merit K Post author

      Wow- you are versitile:0) We actually had 4 moms in the movie and one Dad. We are all pretty good sports. I got to be the “nice” mom! I think it was type-casting!



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