Update on DVD Giveaway…



Were you wondering whatever happened to the announcement about the winner of the DVD – The Woodcarver ?

It is very interesting actually. I have never had this happen before in one of my giveaways,  but the winner wanted to donate their DVD to someone more needy. When I emailed Steve to let him know he had won the drawing, he let me know that he wanted to do something nice for someone else, since he could afford to get his own copy of the movie.

He suggested a single mom or a missionary that I might know. I had to follow-up with Propeller Media to make sure that it was ok for me to do that. They were really supportive and said they would send it to whomever he wanted!

How cool is that? I feel blessed to know people who think of others in this way and I love doing the Family Media reviews because  I get to “meet” such people.

So a missionary family is getting a DVD sent to them :) Thanks Steve for doing such a nice thing.
Sort of reminds me of the subtitle for this movie “What Would Jesus Do?” !


What do you think?

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