Environmentalists – Beware the Homeschoolers!

Oh No It’s Raining Again!

Yes, this makes three posts in a row where as I was posting, it was raining.  I heard some thunder not too long ago. Can you get hit by lightning while using a wireless laptop?

Hmm, I should look into that if I am going to blog in my “Suburban” all the time like this. 

Speaking of “Suburbans”, today I am waiting in a parking lot full of SUV‘s and Mini vans. It is enough to give a Greenpeace member a heart attack! I have heard that Homeschoolers have an average of 3 kids each rather than the 2 kid average for typical US families. Thus, the need for SUV’s and Mini Vans. Have you ever tried to fit three kids in an average family car? You can do it, but it is not a fun ride!

I have also heard that Homeschoolers tend to recycle more than the average American, so maybe that makes up for the larger carbon footprint!

This is the afternoon of the Homeschool Choir practice and P.E. Class. The kids love it and I like that it gives me time to catch up on “office” stuff and of course, update my blog. I used to just bring a book and veg out! I think I probably will still do that sometimes :)

I am striving to use my time wisely and be more balanced. This afternoon I have goals to update my blog, type up the Minutes from our “Friends of the Library” board meeting and finalize the layout for our homeschool support group newsletter. I may not complete all this while waiting for the kids, but that is ok with me. I have set the goals and I can finish it up at home if I don’t get it all done!

I am pretty easy-going with our schedule. If I can’t complete what is on my “To Do” list, I will just move it to the next day. Items that must be done by a particular day are a priority and so I try to tackle those things first. At our house, everyone helps with the household tasks so I delegate those that are not assigned to a particular person on a particular day.

I have been toying with planning on Sundays or Mondays for the entire week, but it seems when I try to do that, I am more frustrated when the plan doesn’t pan out (and at our house it never pans out!). So I have stuck with daily planning along with checking my monthly calendar each morning to be sure I don’t miss anything.

I have been told that I am actually very organized, but I have always hesitated to advise people when they have asked me how I do so much! That is because I guess I realize how different we all are. What works for me would drive some of you crazy! And some of you are much more structured in your days than would be healthy for me :) I am still not completely happy with the way the days go, so I would love your input or  suggestions.

So what type of planning works for you?


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3 thoughts on “Environmentalists – Beware the Homeschoolers!

  1. Barefoot Naomi

    sounds like your planning is much the same as ours! I often get told “I don’t know how you do it all!”. The answer is usually “only just” lol. It’s really a case of prioritising and knowing that that ever increasing ‘to do’ list will get sorted at some point in the future. And if it’s a sunny day…. well you’ve just got to make the most of it, haven’t you ;)



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