Homeschooling Goes To College

I wanted to share this great article from the “Carolina Journal” (a publication that I love to read!) about Home Educated students doing well in college. It is always amusing to me that people are surprised by this, since home education more often mimicks the college atmosphere of individual academic responsibility better than a regular public school setting does.

Although the “this is really new!” tone to the article annoyed me slightly, I am glad that the “Carolina Journal” finally figured out that Homeschoolers go to college and…shocker… can actually do well!

Congratulations go out to Kelsey Farson recipient of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s prestigious Morehead-Cain Scholarship. Kelsey was homeschooled all the way through the K-12 years.

She credits her parents with “instilling a lifelong love of learning.” Stating that hey covered academic fundamentals, but also sought opportunities for their children to develop individual gifts.

Hope you will check out and enjoy the article :)


Homeschooling Goes To College.

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