Otter 501~ More than Just Cute!

We recently watched “Otter 501″.  We were offered a free pre-release copy of the  DVD in hopes that I would review it here on my blog and let you know about it. I have to say, that I can enthusiastically recommend this fun documentary!

This is very family friendly and will be interesting to all age groups. Both older and younger audiences will find something of interest in this story of a Sea Otter pup who lost its mother. The story follows her rescue and release back into the wild from the point of view of the young woman who finds her stranded.



Middle, high school and college aged students will enjoy the casual, “Facebook” feel of the film. It is like interacting with a friend and hearing about their adventures. The beautiful scenery would look great on a theater screen!.


The award-winning documentary is narrated by Katie Pofhal and the writers very cleverly intertwine her real life story and the real life rescue of “Otter 501″ by the “Sea Otter Research and Conservation”  program (SORAC). I thought it was a very interesting way to tell the story and the clever format idea doesn’t distract from the informative aspect of the film.

There is a ton of information on otter life and interesting background information on why their population has been decimated in the past and what we can do to help now and in the future. I learned a lot!

There is a lot to love in the movie. There are some minor flaws in the dialogue which was a little simple and repetitive sometimes (a lot like real-life Facebook!), and there was a brief evolutionary comment, which I mention for those who want to be sure and discuss that with their kids (as I do).

The musical score performed by “Honeymoon” was haunting and beautiful! I will be looking for it on Itunes!

Documentaries done like this, can be a great way to interest young people in nature and the role of people in caring for the health of our environment and the importance of the balance of wildlife for both the food chain and for the health of humans!

I have always loved otters but who doesn’t?! When we lived in Florida, River Otters would periodically appear in the canal behind our house where they would proceed to play and dive and be undeniably adorable. I even saw them using the banks as a sliding board into the water! They were very similar to the Sea Otters they showed in this video.

They were always a wonder to watch and I was thrilled when they would visit! Now that I know more about them, I feel even more delight in them, as well as concern for being a good steward of each species and our environment! (insert organic gardening plug here and if you don’t already, please recycle :)

The makers of this film are doing a good job of creating awareness of the importance of otters and making us more aware of their plight.

I hope that you will find the film in a theater near you (released last week!) or purchase it on DVD when it is available.

You can find information on theaters that are showing it on the Otter 501 FB page:

There is also more info on their website:

Hope that your weekend is going great!

Merit K

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