High School &College Planning at The NCHE Conference

Well, so far I am learning a bunch at the Homeschool Conference and I have some good free stuff just from walking through the book fair to get here so I could blog. I tried to connect in the main area, but had no Internet.

So far I have enjoyed two Sessions with Debbie Mason on Homeschooling High School (big surprise, I know!) and Preparing for College. I picked up my blogging credentials which includes my special green name tag that makes people stop to ask me directions!

I stopped by the NCHE table and picked up my magnet and checked out all the vendors as I walked through the book fair. Tomorrow morning I will go back through and take my time. I am looking for a forensic science program for my daughter.

Debbie Mason has a really neat integrated High School Plan for teaching the Humanities with a Timeline for High School and agreat reading list  for those that do not have voracious readers for students. I got to look at it after her workshop. It is available here for just $30

She may have it available soon as an ebook! I would recommend that you take a look at it if you get a chance.

I have to meet up with my gang, they are having cotillion dance lessons tonight for the teens. They will have a ton of fun!

In other news, I do not like the off things that my iPad types automatically sometimes when I get going quickly and don’t notice that it typed something odd! So if this post looks weird to you, it is NOT my fault… taut… I am blaming Apple.

Having fun here in Winston-Salem and wishing you were all here too!

Merit K

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