It’s NCHE Homeschool Conference Day!

Today is the first day of the North Carolinians for Home Education‘s Homeschool Conference and Book Fair!

(This is so exciting!)

I am part of the NCHE Blogger team so I get a special name tag (pictures later!) and I get to be notified of where I can get my Wi-Fi fix!

I will be checking in here periodically and updating my blog and Facebook  & Twitter friends on what I am up to at the conference :)

If you are attending, let me know so we can meet up!

If you have ever wonder what exactly we do at these conferences…you can check out pictures of previous conference fun here at the NCHE Facebook page.

Just don’t forget to make NCHE your Facebook friend and then you can check out all the craziness that goes on at a Homeschool conference!!!

You just won’t believe how those unsocialized homeschoolers act- lol!

Blog at ya soon!

~Merit K

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4 thoughts on “It’s NCHE Homeschool Conference Day!

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