Organization Tips for Homeschoolers

My favorite session today so far has  been Bethany LeBedz and Bonita Lillie who spoke about organization for right and left brained  Homeschoolers, I could relate to so much that they said about organizing our homes and paperwork! I got some great tips and plan to check out their websites and pintrest.

We got a lot out of the session by Matthew Bullington of the Well Planned Day who spoke about “Beating the System” in paying for college and using nontraditional ways to further your student’s education.

The kids and my husband are in a workshop with John Stonestreet of Summit ministries right now and I am heading back to the book fair.

I saw a lot of great vendors that I need to visit. Queen Homeschool supplies had some nice smelling natural soaps … oh and Life of Fred math texts that I need to check out. I saw Artistic Pursuits too and I need to get the next book for my boys!

I will check back in later tonight while the kids have their game night.

P.S. I still hate typing on the ipad, but I turned off the “auto” everything and it is much better! Maybe I will get used to it!

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6 thoughts on “Organization Tips for Homeschoolers

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    1. Merit K Post author

      They are well deserved Bethany- I appreciated your workshop. I loved the way that you an Bonita Lillie “tagged teamed” when sharing about the right brained and left brained theme!



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