The Talent Showcase at the NCHE Conference

Gathering Blue

Gathering Blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The talent showcase tonight was  incredible. There were so many talented kids. From Blue grass to Classical and the Jumprope team, Project Jump – they were all fabulous. We enjoyed the entertainment and then the kids left for their game night while Andy and I hit the Starbucks. Now we are chillin with a mocha , cookie crumble and enjoying hanging with the grown-ups!

Tommorow we are looking forward to hearing more from John Stonestreet of Summit Ministries and  the  announcement of who will be the winner of all that curriculum donated by the terrific vendors who are here.

So far we have not bought much at the book fair. My youngest got a dagger from the booth at Zoe and Sozo publishing (Foundlings, Palladins) and my daughter found  the sequel to the “Giver“, “Gathering Blue“!

I of course have my list, but it is much smaller than in previous years since the kids are older and, actually, there is less to choose from. It makes me a little sad, but on the other  hand, it makes my choices a little easier, as well.

We have an early morning tomorrow so I am signing off for now ;)

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