What we have been doing lately…



Just posting quickly this afternoon before we run out again because I know that you have all been wondering…what are they up to now???

Well, some of you already know that we are making a short comedy film. Yes, from start to finish- on location in beautiful Davie County and Yadkin County, NC. It is going very well, but we have been busy. I will post some more later, but in the meantime…

Here is a link to our Film Club so you can see the specifics of what we are doing:


My daughter set up the website and a  facebook page so that she and her film friends can communicate efficiently about the movie. We already have several new projects to begin as soon as this film is ready for editing! Others will begin on the new projects (script writing, location scouting and other pre-production needs) while my son edits the current movie on Adobe Premiere CSX6.

They have  previously use Windows Live Movie Maker, Mac’s I-movie,  Corel Video Studio ProX5 and Final Cut Pro X to edit, but not this new program so they are all looking forward to learning more about it.

This great group of kids has a lot of energy and it is taking all I have to keep up with them!

I am thrilled with all that my kids are learning from this project and all the crew participants, actors and current locations have been supportive and complimentary.

I will be back soon to posting regularly, I just had to focus on helping with the film as well as editing the “Homeschool Journal”. In spite of all this activity, I think we are going to be able to get back to our regular school schedule the first week in September. I feel ready even if the kids don’t!

Blessings on the end of your summer break~

Merit K

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