FREE Download at Homeschool Launch


If you are trying, as I am, to get organized in the New Year, you might find this Free Household Planner page helpful.

It is free to download it at Homeschool Launch.

I designed the form because I couldn’t find a planner that had everything on it that I needed to organize my day.

This planner sheet is geared towards a home educator’s needs, but I am creating one for working moms and for work at home moms next.

I am putting a link in the sidebar, or you can click on the Homeschool Launch link above to get to their website.

I hope you like it and find it a helpful tool for creating an organized home.

Happy New Year~

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4 thoughts on “FREE Download at Homeschool Launch

    1. Merit K Post author

      Hey Bethany- thanks for the heads up. I put in the correct link so it should work now. You can click on the picture or the Homeschool Launch live link to get to it. I am glad that you stopped by :)



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