Free e-book for Kindle or Kindle App

I wanted to let you all know about this FREE e-book, “Planning High School Courses”.
This e-book is Free February 23 – 26 in celebration of the author’s birthday!
This is a free download at Amazon from Lee Binz, who is a wonderful consultant. Lee’s books and webinars have really helped me to homeschool my high schoolers!
In this book, you will learn the high school courses which are essential prior to graduation, that is, the courses your student needs to master before moving on to college or career. 
This is the first book in my new Coffee Break Book Series, which I will “officially” announce in my March 1st Newsletter. But I wanted you to have a nice gift on my SPECIAL day!
You can give this gift to your friends too! I want to give away as many downloads as possible to make this a really special celebration.



Many thanks Lee, and may you have a very happy birthday!

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