“Brother White” from PureFlix- A Fun, Lighthearted Family Movie


They say that being able to “poke fun” at yourself is a sign of maturity.

The Pure Flix movie, “Brother White” was a movie made by Christians that poked some fun at Christians in a way that was inoffensive  but made the point- we need to laugh at ourselves sometimes so that we can mature.

It was good, clean, Christian fun that you can watch with the whole family without concern about the content. The movie highlighted lessons learned by the characters on being content with what we have, focusing on our families not our “ministries” and the importance of recognizing how each person has an impact on those around them.

The film features some good acting from David A.R. White, JACKEE, Bruce Davison, Logan White, Ray Wise, Reginald Veljohnson, Victoria Jackson, and Anna Margaret Collins. It also features some great contemporary Christian music and gospel.


I hope that you will check out the movie trailer and then enjoy watching the movie with your family. It is currently available to play instantly on Netflix, or you can purchase it at a retailer, or at a great price at the Pure Flix site:   PureFlix Movie Library

Pure Flix also has a ministry to churches which allows them to show movies at their churches as a means of outreach to their communities and an encouragement to believers. If you would like more information on the movie ministry, you can check them out here:

PureFlix Movie Ministry Information

This is a great idea for churches or Bible study groups and a great way to get involved in supporting movies that are positive and encouraging and portray Christianity in a balanced light!

Our family enjoyed viewing the movie together and I hope that yours will too!

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I received links from Pure Flix so that I could preview some of their movies and in hopes that I would let you know about them here on my blog. No additional compensation was received and a positive review is never guaranteed. I only recommend products on my blog that I perceive to be of good quality, and that I would use or view with my family. 

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