One Year Adventure Novel Curriculum~ Video Review

One Year Adventure Novel Curriculum

Have you started novels and never finished them? Do you have a child who loves to write, but could use some direction in getting their ideas on paper and formulating a story? Looking for a good writing curriculum for next fall?

The “One Year Adventure Novel” curriculum just might be for you, or your student. My daughter has been writing using these materials for several years. She is working on a fourth novel, and wants to become a screenwriter.

The curriculum is fabulous, but so is the community created by student participation in the online forum and they yearly workshops. She has met many people of different backgrounds and has made lasting friendships with some exceptional young people.

You can check out a video created by my daughter here on my blog, and if you click on the OYAN pic above, you can follow it to their facebook page where they have posted some great videos from their students!

I hope you enjoy the video!

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4 thoughts on “One Year Adventure Novel Curriculum~ Video Review

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    1. Merit K Post author

      Thank you for adding your support of the program too. I must say that we are glad to have met you and your family, and it is all because of OYAN :)



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