Read Books from “Heart of Wisdom” on Kindle


Robin Sampson has a great post on reading e-books on Kindle.  She helps you to figure out all the “ins and outs” of using the Kindle to read your pdf’s and e-books!

(No I am not obsessed with e-books today)

She has a fabulous website with lots of good information. I recently purchased her e-book on Biblical Holidays, which is wonderful and I have had her book on “What Your Child Needs to Know When”, since the ’90’s when I started to homeschool!

I recommend either of those titles, when you decide to get an e-book, but there are a lot of resources there that look great that I have not yet had an opportunity to try. I have gleaned much from her resources, newsletters and blog posts over the years.

I am actually having trouble deciding which e-book to get with the $15 coupon that Robin is planning to send me, since I am sharing about her Kindle post and her Kindle books here on my Homeschool Blog! (disclosure statement!) As I have mentioned previously on my blog, I  recommend things that I have personal experience with and that I think would be a good fit for my readers!

And how could I resist her offer- you know all about my digital addictions!!!

Here is the link, or click above to check out the Heart of Wisdom resources and particularly this helpful post on how to read your homeschooling e-books on Kindle:

Now, beyond reading some great “How to Homeschool” books on a reader, you know that a reader or an ipad can be a great and fun learning tool (more on this later).

There are a lot of good classic literature books that your students will need to read in high school and many of them are available free online. There are even some textbooks in e-book format now.

So put that Kindle on your list of homeschooling materials to budget for next year and do not feel any guilt. I mean, you will share with the kids, right?

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