Make Your Own Natural Air Freshener Spray

Make Your Own Natural Air Freshener

Strong smells and chemicals have always been a problem for myself and my hubby. He will actually get a headache from some strong smells, so I have always tried to avoid them.

I really like to have lightly scented candles and natural potpourri sitting around to “scent” the air, but I have been wanting to replace “spray” air fresheners for a long time because of the chemicals they use in them. (Who even knows what is in them!?)

My latest experiment involves Witch Hazel instead of Isopropyl Alcohol which is what I used first. Some recipes call for wood grain alcohol or vodka as well. I switched because the Witch Hazel has a lower amount of alcohol in it and I don’t have to worry as much about the spray damaging any wood furniture or cabinets that it might touch.

This simple recipe is working great:

Natural Air Freshener Spray

Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Essential Oils, 2 oz spray bottle

Directions: fill the spray bottle with the Witch Hazel and then add the essential oil drops. I used about 30 drops of Aura Cacia’s Lavender essential oil for a lavender-scented spray and around 20 drops of peppermint for a peppermint scented one.

Add the liquid before you add your oils- the concentrated oils sometimes can react with the plastic.

Both of the sprays I made have a refreshing, clean smell and I don’t have to worry about what else might be in them!

005 (2)

Stay tuned for another post in the near future about natural room fresheners such as herbal potpourri!


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4 thoughts on “Make Your Own Natural Air Freshener Spray

    1. Merit K Post author

      I am glad you want to try this, Pam. I use a natural citrus spray too, and I personally love it, but it gives some of the members of my family a headache , so I use it sparingly and only when they are not around. I would love to hear how it works for you!



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