High School~ Home Education



 The “Mission” is Possible

The idea of Homeschooling through High School can invoke feelings of stress for many of us!

But today there are great resources, and sources of support that can make a Homeschool High School an exciting learning adventure for your student and a “not as stressful as it could be” experience for you as well!

I will  highlight some resources that I am using or have used. Sometimes I will post a review for curriculum or resources that have been sent to me by various vendors to try out and I will let you know what I honestly think of them.

In this blog, I hope to present information and tips that will help you to think about staying the course  if you are considering whether or not to homeschool throughout the high school years.

If you have already decided to homeschool through high school, I hope that I can encourage you and that sharing my experiences while teaching  my teens at home will help you to learn along with me  as I grow along with my kids.

Finally, if you just aren’t sure you can do it, I hope you will come away from this blog saying to yourself,

“If she can do it- anyone can!”

9 comments on “High School~ Home Education
  1. I have nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award! You can see it here: http://futureflyingsaucers.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/reader-appreciation-award/


  2. Heather says:

    Ah, yes, Homeschooling through High School. My brother and I have both graduated from homeschooling and I don’t think either of us have any regrets. I certainly know that I don’t!

    Thank you for being a source for other mothers. My mother would not have been able to make it had she not been lucky with wonderful resources and people to share them. I don’t think she personally read your blog, but I am sure many other mothers are very grateful.


    • Merit K says:

      Heather- how awesome to “meet” you! I am happy to hear that you have no regrets about being educated at home. So far my kids feel the same way :) I agree that the best resources we have as Homeschoolers are other Homeschoolers and I wouldn’t have made it without the support and advice of my “mentor” moms either. In fact, they are the people who inspired me to blog and share with others just as they shared with me.

      Thanks for the note!



  3. I was reading your blog. I am a stay at home mom to two adorable boys ages 7 and 3. I just thought that you might like this as a blog review or giveaway.
    No matter what your child’s age it’s not too young to make sure your child is developing learning skills.
    As a matter of fact the very early years is when the building blocks for higher level learning are formed.
    Scientists have actually found that many learning problems that show up later on actually were caused early on.
    Simple things such as crawling are actually developing the brain for later skill development.

    Lisa Harp has developed a very easy to do at-home system which enhances the building blocks of learning.
    The system is most often used by school age children but can actually be used (in part) as young as 3.
    The exercises are very simple and kids find them fun.

    Although this system was designed to help those with learning problems we actually recommend it for all kids.
    Doing the program with a child who does not exhibit problems will only enhance learning ability
    and if there are weak spots they’ll show up and be fixed.

    If the child is having problems in school then this program is essential.
    It will develop learning skills that no amount of tutoring can fix.

    Did you know that if there is a learning problem that tutoring can actually make it worse sometimes?
    It happens all the time. That’s why this program is essential.

    We’d love for you to do a review of the program (or a review and giveaway if you prefer)

    Details of the program can be found at

    Please contact me if you’re interested.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



  4. Jamie says:

    What a wonderful wealth of resources! I am sure I will be refering back to your site frequently!


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