Credits and GPA

After I had already started my “Mission” to type up my Daughter’s Transcripts, I decided to change the way that I gave credit for courses!

I know I am a bad Homeschooling parent, but I really had a good reason~ that made sense :)

Here is what happened:

I went to the local High School’s Webpage and printed out the course descriptions and credits they were giving to students to use as a guideline for my High School Course work. While there, I noted that they were giving a credit for a semester of work – that seemed like a good idea, so I went with that.

In the midst of  figuring our schools “Semesters” and hours of coursework for transcripts, I pulled out a worksheet from, The Homescholar – Lee Binz .  It was then that I saw that she noted on that sheet that a class worth one credit would be awarded credit for 120-180 hours of course work.

My Daughter’s core classes were all around 180 hours of work since she did them every day and we school at least 180 days per year!

So since that made more sense to me, I decided to use Lee Binz’s  Credit Values for my Transcripts. The Home Scholar is a resource that I love by the way because she puts it all in one place where I can easily refer to it! I have her e-book and refer to it quite often and I appreciate the website resources she makes available when you join her Silver Care or Gold Care Clubs.

So Creative Learning Academy Students will receive 1 credit for 120-180 hours of coursework and 1/2 credit for a one Semester Class (like electives) which will be around 75-90 hours of work.

Here is some info from the High School Website here in Davie County NC:

7 point Scale

A 93-100
B 85-92
C 77-84
D 70-76
F 0-69

1st Quarter ….. 37.5% of Final Grade

2nd Quarter …. 37.5% of Final Grade

Exam ……………. 25% of Final Grade

Grade Point Average

100  4.00 89 3.13 90 3.25
99 4.00 88 3.00 79 1.88
98 4.00 87 2.88 78 1.75
97 4.00 86 2.75 77 1.63
96 4.00 85 2.63 76 1.50
95 3.88 84 2.50 75 1.38
94 3.75 83 2.38 74 1.25
93 3.63 82 2.25 73 1.13
92 3.50 81 2.13 70-72 1.00
91 3.38 80 2.00 69 0.00
3 comments on “Credits and GPA
  1. jetzmama says:

    Merit, thanks for sharing this method and resource. Just finished grading 1st semester of high school and pretty much winged it! Heading over to Lee’s site to see how I can improve. The SAT speaker we recently heard mentioned the grading chasm that exists from state to state, and sometimes county to county. I may check our county & the few that surround it. Thanks again!


    • Merit K says:

      Hey Shelli- You will get the hang of it :) When Ash applied for college, they requested course descriptions. I briefly included my grading criteria in that description so that they could see what I based her grade on for each class. As long as you let them know what your grades are based on, they can compare them to the student’s SAT or ACT scores and get a pretty good idea of what kind of a student they are. I also included my grading scale in the footer area of my transcript. I typed it in a very small font, but put it right there so they could see it when they were looking at the transcript.


  2. Amelia says:

    Thanks for the info! I have been thinking of going with Lee Binz. Nice to see how you have used her info.


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