Scope and Sequence

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As I update this section, I plan to include information on Course Descriptions, a Course of Study for college bound students from Jr. High- 12th grade and other information that will help you to make up a high school plan with your students.

Here are some links to resources that I have found to be helpful in this area:

Lots of tips from Lee Binz’s website:

A Typical Course of Study from the World Book Encyclopedia:

Beverly Hernandez @ has some detailed information here:

One rather unexpected source can be your state’s website. They often include a typical course of study for your area schools and that can be a helpful guideline when trying to decide which core courses your student will need to take, and which foreign languages and how many years of each subject your student is required to have for each of their goals to be met for high school graduation.

Many of them include information on how many credits are required and even how they assign them. If your State website isn’t helpful in this area, often your local school district site will be.

Our Davie County, NC school website even includes course descriptions that I have used in order to build my own.

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