“Other Worlds” Curriculum Review

The Other Worlds curriculum is an expansion module for the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum. My 10th grader is using “Other Worlds”  this year to build on the skills that she developed last year using the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum.

This set includes a DVD of Mr. Schwabauer’s lessons, a resource disc, the anthology; “Collision Course” and the Student Workbook or “The Other Map”.

This exciting year-long course focuses on writing in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Genre like the original “One Year Adventure Novel” focuses on writing an Adventure novel.

Students are introduced to the history of these two types of novels and how they have impacted our culture. There is  some reading and literary analysis of the various types of Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories as well.

In addition, students are guided the entire way, as they create the outline of their characters and their plot by the “Map”. The workbook helps them to learn how to organize their ideas and thoughts and get them onto paper in a form that communicates their story goal to their readers!

The materials are thorough, the instruction is superior and the support for the students at the OYAN website is above and beyond. Through the website forum, students are able to encourage one another and they develop true camaraderie as well as challenging one another to do their best.

I highly recommend the curriculum for any student who enjoys writing or any student who thinks they might like to write if they could just organize their idea into a novel. Students who are already organized will find a lot of tips that will make them more efficient and those who need help will find it here!

My daughter learned so much from the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum last year (9th Grade), and enjoyed it so much, that we purchased the new “Other Worlds” curriculum online to use this school year without question.  We purchased it from Clear Water Press for $89.00 and that included our shipping. The course was one that my daughter could do independently other than some questions, discussions and grading that I was involved in.

We received it right away and she couldn’t wait to get started. That is when you know you have found curricula that is a terrific fit for your child!

You can check out the link here, or click on one of the pictures above when you are ready to go check it out for yourself!


My daughter’s Ninth Grade Literature Class included the One Year Adventure Novel which was a pre-requisite for the “Other Worlds” module since the new course builds on the original OYAN.

I am grading each Semester, based on both the quality of as well as the completion of her coursework (my required reading, Essays etc. as well as the DVD course). I am then awarding credits based on our State’s and Local schools recommendations for each class that she completes.  Since the course is a full year, (2 Semesters) she will earn 2 full credits in English.

 I am off to work on Mid-term evaluations for my High Schooler and I better run and check on my younger kids too because I hear some hollaring  :)

Merit K

Owner of Creative Solutions: Virtual Assistant and Social Media Services. Editor for The Homeschool Journal, and the online news outlet, Homeschool-ology. I am a former classroom teacher turned Home Educator. I serve as President of Friends of the Davie County Public Library, 501 c.3 , and I am the adult adviser for several youth led organizations. My family's lifestyle includes lots of creativity. We enjoy natural and simple living, organic gardening, reading, art, all kinds of music, and french foil fencing.

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  1. Merit K says:

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    I recently met another mom who’s daughter was also using the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum (OYAN). We spent quite a while discussing how great this has been for our students. One thing that we agreed was incredible about the program was how it provided the structure that our creative kids needed to actually complete the novel. Her kids have been finalists in the year end contest that OYAN holds every year. Each year the novels written using the “Map” worktext and the DVD instruction are read by published authors. One student novel will be chosen to be published. My daughter was a Semi-finalist this year for her fantasy novel! The other thing we agreed is terrific is the camaraderie students develop as they help each other critique their novels online in the OYAN forum. They can get help and encouragement from experienced OYANers and from Mr and Mrs. Schwabauer themselves! This curriculum has been a wonderful experience for my creative writer. If you have a writer who could use some more structure- this would be a great choice as a curriculum to use instead of a regular composition class. If you have a student who wants to improve their writing skills- this is great practice. It is a quality program and a lot of fun!


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