Curious About “The Curiosity Files”?

Click Here to see The Unit Study we used titled "Quicksand"~ From "The Curiosity Files

” The Old Schoolhouse Magazine” continues to provide quality resources for Homeschoolers of all ages with the Unit Study series; “The Curiosity Files“!  If you have always wanted to try a Unit Study but, “… Just want to be told what to do!” as a sweet friend of mine recently stated, this is a terrific (and affordable) place to start. 
As a member of the TOS Crew, we were given a chance to request one of these units at no cost to us and use it in order to post a review, so that you can be aware of the kinds of tools that are out there to make your life as a teacher much easier. We are only asked to post an honest review. No compensation is received, other than the use of this product. 
Unit studies are a very natural way for our family to learn and they might be just what you are looking for to “shake up” your school year and rid yourself (and the kids) of those winter semester “blahs”!  
When we began Homeschooling over a decade ago, we started learning this way and to my knowledge, I had not even heard of unit studies, it was just the way my daughter learned best and so I put together all her subjects based on a theme that interested her. 
Since then, I have observed that “units” help to create interest  and preserve a love of learning for all my kids. My daughter is in High School now, but we continue to put together her subjects in an integrated way because it works well for her. 

The topics that are available in this series are endlessly interesting and are sure to create “curiosity” in the most reluctant of students.  They can find out more about such things as:  

  • Blue Diamond
  • Dung Beetle
  • MRSA
  • Puffer Fish
  • Red Tide
  • Zombie Fire Ants
  • Blue-footed Booby
  • Cicada Killing Wasp
  • Quicksand
The E-books are available as a bundle for $46.00 and individually for just $6.95.
In  The Curiosity Files”  the publishers from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine have done all the work of putting together the different core subjects as well as the “icing on the cake” subjects such as Art & Music.

Here is what we found once we downloaded our Unit Study on “Quicksand” :

  • Scientific information about the subject
  • Bible study This included interesting historical background on the passages used! 
  • Math
  • Language Arts: Writing an Essay
  • Spelling & Vocabulary for all ages
  • Copywork in both Manuscript & Cursive
  • Word Search & Crossword Puzzles
  • Easy experiments with household items (our favorite part!)
  • Creative Art & Music Ideas related to Sand & Quicksand
  • Information on more resources about quicksand
  • Such as: Links, Videos & Books to check out at the Library!
The target age group for “the files” is 8-13 years old and it looks to me as thought the units can be easily adjusted for younger or more advanced students so that you can include the whole family in the fun.
I used the “Quicksand” unit study with my Middle Schooler (6th Grade) and it is just perfect for him with some extra Math thrown in. The section on reading tables was a good review for him and I especially liked the “Writing an Essay” section. It was presented in such a clear and simple way!  The Bible section had the verses written out in the KJV, and we use the NIV in our studies, but it really didn’t present a problem, we just read the passages out of our version.
I liked having them see the Old English version, since I have great respect for the reliability and beauty of the KJV and want them to develop that as well.
This is a really fun unit and the others look just as good!

Pages from the "Quicksand" Unit Study

As I mentioned before, you can purchase the “Curiosity Files” individually ($6.95) or as a bundle in e-book form ($46.00) but TOS will also send you a CD with all the units for just $49.00 so the more you buy, the less you pay for each unit study.

Click here to check out the CD's

If you have never tried a Unit Study, I would recommend this as a great way to start since buying one as a download can be very economical. If you already know that your family learns well this way, these are fun (kinda crazy) topics that your kids will love!
Here is a link to the TOS Store for the Unit Study that we used:
You can see a lot of different views and get good information from the other members of the TOS Crew here:
So, go ahead – I know you are curious …
Have a great Weekend!

Merit K


Owner of Creative Solutions: Virtual Assistant and Social Media Services. Editor for The Homeschool Journal, and the online news outlet, Homeschool-ology. I am a former classroom teacher turned Home Educator. I serve as President of Friends of the Davie County Public Library, 501 c.3 , and I am the adult adviser for several youth led organizations. My family's lifestyle includes lots of creativity. We enjoy natural and simple living, organic gardening, reading, art, all kinds of music, and french foil fencing.

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