College Planning Helps

My daughter and I have been discussing Colleges, Careers and planning college visits. She is signed up to take the SAT exam  (twice) and I recently signed my son up for DRIVER’S EDUCATION CLASS:)

There is no doubt that they are growing up waaaay too fast for me! So in the midst of all this change, and possibly in order to remain a little in denial,  I stayed really busy on the computer today!

I spent some time updating this blog and checking out ‘steampunk‘  ideas since my daughter is planning a steampunk party with her friends this weekend and my son needs ideas for an outfit. We already have a lot of good decorating ideas, but I should probably keep the steampunk post for another day!

So while cruising around the internet, I actually did something productive and found a great website with some college/career planning information. It has a quiz that you can take to help you decide about college majors and/or career choices. It also matches college choices with your student interests.

Whenever I want to keep a website in my “favorites”, I figure it is probably something that someone else would like to know about too and so in order to not be selfish, I am sharing it here and adding it to the links section :

There are a ton of those funny Memes going around and I just thought that I would sorta share my recent thoughts here in a similar form:

What my daughter thinks her college experience should look like:

What I think my daughter’s college experience should look like:

What my daughter fears her college experience will look like:

What I think of whenever I think of my daughter being in college:

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One comment on “College Planning Helps
  1. quaintscribbles says:

    Hi Merit,

    The first thing I had to do was Google, steampunk! I was delighted to find my daughter’s love of anime was included in some of the Victorian steampunk (Full Metal Alchemist). I am just now coming to terms with her LOVE of anime. I will have to ask her if she knows what steampunk is. LOL

    I enjoyed your pictures showing your version of college and what you think might be your daughter’s version of college. It made me smile and think about what my daughter’s version might be and how well it would match mine. Not very I am sure. :)

    We talk about college off and on. Sometimes she want to go and other times she doesn’t. I suspect as it gets closer, she will make a more formal decision.

    A homeschool Mom who enjoys blogging. Our favorite eighth grade curriculum.


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