My Digital Addictions~ E-books

Book Addict

Now I am addicted to e-books.I have been enjoying my iPad and apps from Apps-School (perhaps just a little too much!) and wanted to share some of our digital favorites here on my blog, starting with e-books.

As soon as my friends and family found out I like e-books, they started to supply me with websites and links. Thanks to them, we have found some of the best places to get e-books FREE online and I figured that maybe some of you might like to know where they are too.

First I should mention the library. I can borrow from a vast e-library in the sky any time of the day or night with just the “click” of my mouse. It is heavenly! Check your library website to see if your library card lets you in on this magical experience too.

You can even use your laptop to borrow or download books to use for your homeschool- this stuff is legit and perfectly legal (although I am sure there is some illegally gained content out there). You will need to download an “app” to run the e-books.

Kindle, Nook and Adobe all have e-reader apps for iPad and notebooks  or laptops. OverDrive Media Console is a great app.

Then there are the free e-books that you can read courtesy of the authors and publishers who want you to realize how awesome their authors are and look for their books everywhere and finally purchase the next book in the series when you just have to know which guy the heroine chooses! (not that this would ever happen to you!)

iTunes has free e-books :go check them out at free e-books at iTunes

A lot of the places to get free books have just “mind candy” or self-help books, which are perfect when you want to discover a new author or when you find a gem of a free book on how to DIY, but Amazon actually has a lot of classic books that you can use in your Homeschool or read just because you never have before.

Free e-books at Amazon

Another fabulous place to find the “classics” is Project Gutenberg

Your own “mobile Bible” in 1000 versions is perfect for on the road Bible study or use it to compare versions quickly during at home study. You can set up your own study schedule too. You do need to download an “app” but I have been loving this resource: Online Mobile Bible

Some of these are websites and e-newsletters that you can access to find free e-books:

Google Play

Pixel of Ink

Christian e- books: Inspired Reads

E-Reader News Today


BookBub Deals

This is by no means an exhaustive resource listing, so if you know of some I have missed, please let me know about them.

I read several books or e-books every week, some that I review. For me, nothing will ever replace a paperback or hardcover book, but e-books can be an incredible resource. You can find great literature, textbooks, self-help and pleasure reading easily online. You can support new authors and self published authors as well.

There are a lot of free and inexpensive e-books out there, I am choosy about the ones that I actually download and read and I have still found some “keepers”. I hope that if you have an e-reader of some kind you will find some of the links helpful.

I added all these links manually, so if any of them are not working or going to the correct site, blame it on the fact that I did this before I finished my first cup of coffee and just let me know so I can fix it right up!

If you have hesitated to try e-books, I hope that this post will encourage you to check them out!

Hope that you are having a fab weekend~

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Owner of Creative Solutions: Virtual Assistant and Social Media Services. Editor for The Homeschool Journal, and the online news outlet, Homeschool-ology. I am a former classroom teacher turned Home Educator. I serve as President of Friends of the Davie County Public Library, 501 c.3 , and I am the adult adviser for several youth led organizations. My family's lifestyle includes lots of creativity. We enjoy natural and simple living, organic gardening, reading, art, all kinds of music, and french foil fencing.

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