Chocolate Almond Milk~ Frozen Dessert

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Summer is one of my favorite times of the year and ice cream has always been our family’s one decadent treat. I have always been a label reader, thus I only bought natural brands of ice cream.

In recent years, I noticed some of our “All Natural” ice cream labels, such as Breyer’s removing “All Natural” from their labels and including things like “propylene glycol” in their list of ingredients- sneaky!

So last year I purchased an ice cream maker and vowed to learn new ice cream recipes!

I love to experiment whenever I have the time, and that is one of the many reasons that I love summer!

I have  a little more time to play around with recipes and even try new homemade cleaners.

I have been dying to know if my Almond Milk would work in the ice cream maker since the full fat ice cream I make in it makes me feel a little queasy sometimes and the low-fat recipes really turn out more like “ice milk” or a frosty-very soft.

Yesterday I used my ice cream maker and tried an easy frozen dessert.

All you need is Chocolate Almond Milk. I used the Silk brand “Dark Chocolate”, but you could use any sweetened flavor, such as vanilla, if (like my poor migraine prone friend)  you can’t have chocolate:


My ice cream maker makes two quarts so I used 4 cups of the Almond milk and ran the machine for around 20 minutes. It froze very nicely!

It was delicious. I put what was left into the freezer overnight. Today it was very hard and not scoop-able, but once it thawed a bit, it was still a cool afternoon snack!

This was super easy to make! You could add toppings to it to fancy it up a bit and if you use it all up right away, you won’t have any storage issues with it either.

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7 comments on “Chocolate Almond Milk~ Frozen Dessert
  1. rachelrxn says:

    I am still trying to figure out a way for homemade ice cream to not go “rock hard” over night (beyond getting up every half hour to stir). This recipe looks simple and delicious though! I will definitely try it! Thanks for sharing


  2. merylvdm says:

    This post was JUST what I needed today. We found out my husband has cancer about 6 weeks ago and part of the treatment is diet modifications. I was pretty clueless how bad and carcinogenic so much of supermarket foods are, so am trying to only use real ‘natural’ food. We are all struggling with some of the stuff we are going without and this morning I had an ‘aha’ moment that I could buy an icecream machine and make our own.
    Two questions: (1) What ice-cream make do you have and (2) did you add anything to the almond milk?


    • Merit K says:

      Wow- That is amazing! I am praying for your hubby’s treatment and for you to find good ideas for dietary changes too. I have a “Cuisinart” 2 Qt. Ice Cream Maker. It sits very nicely on my counter top which makes it easy to get to. The “Silk brand Dark Chocolate Almond milk” is already sweetened with cane sugar so I didn’t add anything to that. If I was going to use the unsweetened Almond Milk, I would probably warm it a little to melt the cane sugar (succanat) or use an alternative liquid sweetener like honey, or agave nectar depending on the recipe or what your doctor is recommending.

      I hope that you will check back in with us and let us know how you are doing and how the treatment and dietary changes progress too. Thanks so much for letting me know how I can pray for you both!


      • Merit K says:

        I added a pic of my Ice Cream Maker and a link so you could check out the specs on it- I hope it helps:)


      • merylvdm says:

        Thanks! That is the one I was thinking of getting, so now I am convinced. Will come back and let you know how it goes. Won’t be for a while as straight after his treatment finishes we are going to go on the trip we already had tickets for – huge blessing that we could fit his treatment exactly between my oldest daughter’s wedding and our booked vacation.


      • Merit K says:

        It is a good machine- So good that you can relax and take your trip!


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