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Free e-book for Kindle or Kindle App

I wanted to let you all know about this FREE e-book, “Planning High School Courses”. This e-book is Free February 23- 26 in celebration of the author’s birthday. This is a free download at Amazon from Lee Binz, who is a wonderful consultant. Lee’s books

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Environmentalists – Beware the Homeschoolers!

Oh No It’s Raining Again! Yes, this makes three posts in a row where as I was posting, it was raining.  I heard some thunder not too long ago. Can you get hit by lightning while using a wireless laptop?

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Online Classes Can Alleviate Panic!

…it is true; I have personally gathered extensive anecdotal evidence which shows that Online Classes, like DVD’s, co-op classes and community college can help alleviate the feeling of panic which is sometimes associated with the idea of Homeschooling for High School!

Some of our students are just not going to shine in all areas of independent study and will need help. There are great resources out there to help us teach our children at home and I would like to encourage you to check them out before assuming that you can’t have High School at home because of a lack of

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PG Key Means Peace of Mind!

The “PG SafeKey” allows you to monitor and control your children’s computer time and helps you to protect them by blocking offensive website with their “safe search” (partnered with Google Search). You literally just plug it in to your USB (like a flash drive or thumb drive) and go. It worked right away for us and I was able to go back to a “log” and see every screen that was accessed including my Facebook pages, email, Yahoo Groups and files that were saved on my computer’s hard drive

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Really LOUD Music Lessons

Here is my 8th Grader practicing his “chops”. My husband is a drummer, so he decided to get the kids a used drum-set and teach them how to play. Finally, a subject that I do not have to teach!

They each have specific beats that they have to practice every week and he even set up the laptop so that they can view some good drum tips on “You Tube”.

The house has been loud, but I love it that they have found an instrument they all like to play (so far). The poor lonely guitar has been sitting in the corner for the last 2 weeks while they play with their new “toy”, but I am sure that one of them will pick it back up again soon:)

My hubby loves to play the “progressive rock” style and some jazzy or funky music, so he has subjected them to tons of music from the ’80’s recently. He let them stay up late one night and that was how he bribed them to listen to a collection of “Yes” songs!

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Speaking of Contests…

Art Contest Especially for Homeschooled Students- Deadline is August 1 st!

You can also purchase her downloadable video Art Lessons there!

If your child is an artist with words, “Homeschool Writers” offers a contest of their own:

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Community Service Projects

have found that it is actually pretty easy for young people to get involved in serving in lots of different areas. It is great for them to see ways that we can meet needs in our own Hometown, as opposed to thinking that they have to travel to a foreign land to serve those in need. (and no vaccinations or airfare!)

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Free Podcasts For Homeschooling High School

I do not know how you are, but about this time of year I am running on empty when it comes to coming up with ideas for guiding all the creative, energetic, “Hands-on” and kinesthetic learners in my house! March often is a time for us to fall back on our established routine and ‘re-group’ for the rest of the year (we Homeschool Year ’round).

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High School Electives- Art

We recently completed Unit One, of the Senior High, Art curriculum ARTistic Pursuits by Brenda Ellis. The kids are enjoying it and are doing really well with it. I am actually using it with both my 7th and 9th Graders and it is one of Ashlynne’s 2nd Semester Electives for her 9th grade Term.

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